I am just amazed how fast the year is flying by. Time seems to be racing!

I have found some things that seem to “eat” up our time and causes time to seem to pass by quickly. They generally have to do with our thoughts, and some of these are:

  • Spending time dwelling on the past more than we need to
  • Spending time playing out scenarios for situations that have not happened and may never happen
  • Spending time on thoughts about the next, and then the next item on the To Do list, the next person to call, the next email, the next task
  • Spending time on fears and concerns about the future, that don’t or won’t go away.

Whenever we spend time on these thoughts, we are not conscious of the time that has just passed and it’s lost forever. We can reduce these thoughts that eat up our time by becoming more “present”. And when we become more present, we can recall more of our day. 

How do we become “present”? To be present is to be aware of what you are doing right at this moment – what are you touching? What can you see? What can you smell? What are you feeling? What can you hear? Who are you with?

Obviously, we can’t be present like this every waking moment of our day. However, we can start to be more conscious of what we are doing, being present more often, and put ourselves in the place of being instead of “doing on autopilot”. 

By being more conscious of being present, I can almost guarantee you, when you reflect on your day, you will be aware of so much of your day and feel as if you have lived more of your day!

If you find people around you who seem to be rushing, and always busy – maybe practicing an exercise on being consciously present would be beneficial.

As the End of Financial Year approaches, lets look out for those thoughts that eat up our time! 

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