Within our businesses, with everything that we do, can we improve what we are doing, and how we are doing it?

If YOU are the business, it can be difficult to allow yourself to stop, step out, and ask yourself – can I be doing things better? What can I do better? Or if you have a team in your business, are they and you regularly asking yourselves these questions?

Technology is ever changing in the way we are conducting our roles in our businesses. Governments, and businesses are communicating completely electronically with only clicks of buttons on a device. Software systems are integrating together more and more, reducing duplicating tasks, reducing manual tasks, reducing the need for a human being to interact.

All this integration and electronic communication is reducing the time it takes to perform certain tasks.

So, back to my questions – can we do better? is there something you are still performing manually? Are there tasks that are performed on more than a single software or system? Is communication within the organisation causing conflicts and client dissatisfaction?

For example, the team confirming client re-appointments is not aware that information required for the client appointment will not be available, as test results are handled by another team within the business, and these are not communicated efficiently between the teams. A simple communication issue that can cause client dissatisfaction and directly affect bottom line profits.

Another example is following up on leads. Any improvement in the way you are following up on leads can have a positive impact on your turnover. Can you do better?

Once you have identified some areas that you believe you could improve on – how and who can help you with this? Some suggestions could be:

  • including improvement discussions in regular team meetings
  • asking your bookkeeper
  • speaking with your accountant
  • joining a network group and speak to business colleagues
  • joining your local chamber of commerce
  • joining a business Facebook group and ask for referral for a systems consultant
  • contacting us – Elke @ MIEBS for a FREE 1 hour Profit Booster session.

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