Today I am talking about Connections! The connections we make in our daily business and personal lives, and how vital a role these connections are in the results that we achieve.

Success cannot be achieved by working in isolation. If we succeed in anything – be it personal, sport, the arts, physical, mental, or, in business – our connections with others will have always played an important role.

For example, on a personal level, think back to a time you achieved success in something – what was the underlying connection that motivated you to achieve?

Let’s look at connections in business. Of course our customers are vital connections, so – how often are we connecting with them and how are we connecting?
We create connections when we market our business – what connections are we creating and how are we doing this?
We create connections with financial experts to assist us with business decisions and to keep us compliant. 

Then there are the connections we create with our employees that help with motivation, and working towards our vision.
And, speaking of our employees, from their perspective, what connections do they want or need for them live their passions and interests?
In living their passions, how do these transfer into our businesses as productivity gains and the culture within the organisation?

Business networking groups have been around for many years and will undoubtedly continue. Due to the nature of these groups, the connections made are both business and personal and are so important to making a difference to the success of your organisation.

So, if business is currently a bit slow, what connections could you create? From my experience, it is almost guaranteed that just the energy of taking this action will result in positive gains for your business!

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