Here are some things that we CAN control:

  • Whilst we are still able to go outside, and not self-isolating or in quarantine, go outside into the fresh air for a walk or a run in the early morning or evening
  • We can practice social distancing so that we reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • We can take a big breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 1 second, and breath out for 5 seconds, when confronted with a frustrating situation or person
  • Get into the kitchen and try out some recipes that you never have had the time to do
  • Read a book, listen to a book
  • Watch interesting documentaries
  • Paint, paint, and paint – I have had a painting easel in my lounge room for the last 6 years waiting for me to do my next painting – now is the time!
  • Write that book that you have always talked about doing
  • If you enjoy yoga, find one of the many online yoga apps available and practice in your home
  • Meditate when you wake and before you go to sleep – there are many apps you can access
  • Check on your neighbours to make sure they are all ok
  • Check in on family more regularly
  • Buy from your local business – support your local businesses as much as you can
  • Practice complete isolation and seek medical assistance immediately for our own health and recovery, and to reduce the spreading of this virus – when, or if, we do succumb to COVID-19

Here is what we CAN’T personally control:

  • How long this will take till life as we knew it, returns to some normalcy
  • Other people who seem to not be assisting with reducing the spread of COVID-19
  • When or if we do succumb to this virus and become unwell

It is a time for all of us; government, business, and individuals to work together. For information on financial assistance for business, here is the link.

And for assistance for individuals, here is the link

Stay safe, watch out for others, and keep connected!

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