If you are a “busy” person, like me, when I have down time, I have a look at my To Do list and see what I can tick off – the things I never have time to do.

Well, that is a great thing …… And ….. not a great thing!

Yes, it is fantastic that I can finally tick off some of those “must do when I get the time” tasks, and it is a great feeling to be able to complete them. However, when the down time has all been used up, I sit back for a moment and feel that there is something missing. “That is it for downtime now till the next time”, whenever that may be – straight into the business of life again.

So, what is this feeling of something missing?

It is because, all I did was “DO” – I “DID” things on my list. I did not take any time to sit back and look at things (life / business) from a different perspective. I did not sit back and let feelings, ideas, thoughts bubble up — Some may say, I was not in a place of “BEING”!

Maybe, some of those things in my list did not really need to have been done.

Maybe, someone else could have done them.

Maybe, they could have been done differently.

Maybe, there was something else that ought to have been done instead.

Downtime is a great time to get those tasks done that you never have time for. However, it is beneficial for all of us to allow some of that downtime to just do nothing –  to just BE! To enjoy!

So, if you are having a quiet period in your business, try for a moment, to step out for a bit and do NOTHING and enjoy this time. Have conversations with people. You will be surprised what opportunities pop up that will benefit you personally and your business.

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