Circumstances being what they are at the moment I have to say how grateful I am both for the fact of being Australian and the feeling of safety that has afforded me and my family.

In my opinion, from the beginning, the Australian government has implemented clear measures and modified these as needed, taken feedback from experts on-board, made tough choices that needed to be made thereby creating a nationwide community, where we are all working together to get through this health and financial challenge.

All these measures and limitations, once documented and released to the public, are only the tip of the iceberg. Underlying all these measures are the machines and systems that must be modified to make them work and, enable all Australians to take up financial support options.

These machines are the software that enable all this to happen – and behind all these machines are the software developers working 24 x 7 to design, develop, test, and implement all these support options.

Detailed information was only officially released last week, and software was released over last weekend. I have been in software development for over 30 years, working on international large-scale projects, and I know what is involved in developing and implementing these projects. It is an amazing feat that systems have been developed and implemented in such a short time-frame. I am specifically referring to the ATO systems, and accounting systems, that need to be able to capture and report the information to accommodate the governments support measures.

If there is any feedback from me, it is massive appreciation for the work done so far to get these systems compliant to assist the national community to receive the financial support needed to survive and keep businesses afloat during this period.

I congratulate the software development community, and our governments – Federal, State, and Local Councils for implementing measures so so quickly.

So, if something is not working correctly, or if the system “crashes” or is not available, please take a moment to think about how quickly this was enabled for you to use, be patient, and provide constructive feedback so that systems can be improved.

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