We recently purchased a block of land with the idea of building a small, inexpensive cabin to make it a base. We researched tiny homes, kit homes, relocatable cabins, sheds, and obtained a quote from a local builder for exactly what we wanted. The block is ideal also to have a few sites for self-contained RV’s, so we looked at our options and how many sites we would like. We look at where to dig our dam. We looked at what type of trees would work to provide extra privacy from our neighbours. And where to put a small cabin for our office and later as a guest cabin.

We were all over the place. We wanted it all done now – but, that’s just not possible financially and practically. The question then became, “What to do first?”

So, we sat back and said STOP! Let’s invest a little in having a Master Plan drawn, that includes everything we want.

As soon as we decided to get a Master Plan drawn, all our stress disappeared. We can now see far more clearly what we need to do now, and, how we are going to achieve what we really want. It’s now possible to break down our goals into actionable tasks and steps, see potential obstacles and map out a practical path.

In business, so many of us are working on autopilot and acting on things that seem like a great idea at the time but take us in all sorts of different directions. Are we working within a Master Plan for what we really want to achieve for ourselves and our businesses in the long run?

My recent experience with my block of land has really highlighted how having a Master Plan reduces stress, gets everyone involved working together to achieve the same goal, and able to share smaller achievements along the way.

I have spoken in a previous blog recently about stepping outside of your business and taking a helicopter view of your business. Doing this and developing a Master Plan for your business including your personal life will really make a positive difference to your whole team, yourself and your business. The New Year is a time that many take for reflection and planning. I encourage you to take some time to do the same.

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