Something we do at our team meetings is for each of us to divulge something we have learnt since our last meeting. 

It can be anything at all – personal, professional, environmental, political, social – anything. This encourages us all to learn something new and often when one of us discusses their recent learning, others present benefit from this new knowledge also. 

Doing this exercise keeps the idea of learning something new front of mind. I make the point here – this is not a task – it is an activity. When I first introduced this activity, it did make some people uncomfortable, but over time this has changed to being fun.

It’s common knowledge that if we don’t physically exercise, it impacts our health and fitness. The same goes for our minds. You know the saying – – – “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. If we don’t use our bodies, we lose health and fitness physically. If we don’t stretch our mind, our intellectual capacity diminishes.

Our daily work may require quite complex mental energy – but if what we are doing does not include something NEW, we are not stretching our minds. We are not creating new neural connections in our brain. You may be aware that as we mature, our neural connects diminish. How do we slow this down? By creating new connections. And how do we create new connections? One way is to be conscious of regularly learning something new.

For our team meetings, the goal was simply to learn one new thing in between meetings. But what if were to make this a fun daily habit? By sitting down at the end of each day, (maybe with a glass of your favourite beverage), contemplating and reflecting on the day and asking yourself – “What new thing did I learn today?”

The personal benefits are obvious. The benefits to your team and your business include a healthier team, greater initiative, problem-solving skills, and productivity improvements to name just a few. All of this impacting positively to your bottom-line profits.

Make it an activity – not a task. Make it fun. It could be an epiphany. It could be a new awareness. It can be what you learnt that day at a course. It could be making the decision to take a course to improve your skills. 

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