Another “hat” that I wear is working with the Timing Wizards, timing sporting events. I am at an event somewhere on the east coast and inland of Australia almost every weekend. Participants range from a few hundred to several thousand, and they generally have their family and friends accompanying them. There could easily be a few thousand people attending an event. 

There are usually one or two coffee vans at these events. Of all the coffee and tea sales, I would estimate that 99% of these sales involve providing a disposable cup. Is it only me using a Keep-a-Cup?!

It is estimated that Australians use 1 billion, that is – 1,000,000,000 disposable cups each year. 90% of these end up in landfill, equating to approximately 20,000 kilograms of waste. With what I see at these events, I can relate to this statistic.

A friend of mine announced his New Year’s Resolution to not use a single disposable cup for 2019. This has motivated me to see how many of us out there would like to do the same. To get us motivated, I have created a public Facebook event called, Keep A Cup Challenge 2019. I welcome you, I invite you, to join my event and see if we can collectively make a difference in reducing the number of disposable cups that end up in landfill.

Every single one of us can make a difference.

In your business, you could create an office/business challenge for 2019 and present an award at the end of the year. Get your team to post their pictures of using Keep a Cups to my Facebook event – see who in your business is the best at achieving the Challenge. You could swap the “swear jar” with a Keep a Cup Challenge jar and every time someone uses a disposable cup they must put some coin into the jar and at the end of the year your whole team can celebrate.

I know it is difficult to start, as we found we would forget to bring our Keep-a-Cup with us. Now we have more than one Keep-a-Cup – we have one in the car, in my handbag, one at our favourite café, and a spare one at home – and this works for us.

Take Action!

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