We clean our homes so that we can comfortably live and feel well living there – and to keep the creepy crawlies out.

We clean our clothing so that we wear clean fresh clothes which makes us feel clean and good.

We clean our bodies so that we smell nice and feel healthy.

We clean and tidy our business premises so that we can run our businesses efficiently and attract good employees and customers.

So why do we not regularly think about “cleaning” our minds? What do I mean? Let’s go back to when we were born. When we are born, our mind is like a fresh new garden rich with fresh good soil – birth brings light to our mind garden.

As we grow, we soak up new learning continually every minute of every day. We plant all these new thoughts from our new experiences into our mind garden. We feed those thoughts with energy and more thoughts and it grows. Sometimes, we don’t “give it a thought” and these thoughts do not grow in our mind garden.

You can imagine then that our minds are going to plant thoughts that are not healthy or good for us based on experiences in our lives. To keep our mind healthy and strong, we need to weed the unwanted and negative thoughts out of our mind garden.

Incorporating cleaning our mind as a regular exercise, the same as all the other cleaning we do in our lives, can be a fun, enjoyable, and relaxing activity. Just like a garden, if you start, you can make a difference.

So, how do we clean our mind garden? You can do the simplest activities such as walking in the bush, walking along a beach, going for a bike ride, connecting with people, playing with children, sleeping 7 to 9 hours, taking an afternoon nap, read a book, and attend a yoga class – are just a few ideas.

If negative thoughts have been growing in our mind garden for a long time, and if we have been feeding these negative thoughts, these will be harder to weed out. There are many workshops, health professionals, books, retreats and similar activities that will all help clean out your weeds, your negative unwanted thoughts, growing in your mind garden.

Start today. It can be the simplest activity – but the key is to do something every day! 

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