The personalities of the people who work with you in your business have an effect on the bottom line of your business profits. How? Read on!

If you are familiar with personality profiling and the various types of personalities, how best they work and when they don’t work, then you will be nodding with me in this blog.

What is personality profiling? It is a knowledge management tool used to provide an evaluation of an employee’s personal attributes, values and life skills in an effort to maximize his or her job performance and contribution to the company. [1]

Have you noticed some people appear to be “black or white”? Or are loud and like to interact with others and sometimes appear to be disruptive? Or like to work on their own and not in a team? Or explain things completely leaving out detail? Or explain things with absolutely complete detail? Yes? Well, these are all personality traits which are used in personality profiling assessments.

There are many personality profiling methodologies. However, they generally describe these similar traits. Let’s put them in a box below [2] :

How do you use this information to help the people in your business and impact positively on your bottom line profits?

Firstly, evaluate and determine what personality traits are needed to succeed in each role in your business.

Next, review your employees’ personality types by using one of the personality profiling assessment tools. DISC, Myer-Briggs, Winslow, Wealth Dynamics are just a few to choose from and it is actually a fun exercise to do.

Then, evaluate – Do the people in your business “fit” their roles? Do they enjoy what they do in your business? If not, perhaps modify tasks that enhance their beneficial traits, reduce or change tasks that are not beneficial to their personality trait, or maybe a different role in the business is more suitable. 

How can your people do more of the tasks that clearly fit their personality traits – the good parts and do less of those tasks that are detrimental? Doing this will increase productivity and your bottom line profits.

When we conducted personality profiling in my business, it was such an eye-opener for all of us. There were six of us at the time. Understanding how our minds “tick” improved our productivity, and communication with each other as well as our clients, as we learned how to “see” the personality types of our clients, and this reduced a lot of stress.

The key factor in this exercise is that people work better, are more productive, when they enjoy what they are doing. Using personality profiling helps to establish and determine, 1. What type of person you need to fit a role, and 2. What type of role best fits the people already in your business.Visit here to read our other blogs that may help you in your business.

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[2] Based on DISC Assessment

[3] Examples of personality assessment testing tools: