This is interesting – In every choice that we make in our lives, whether personal or in business, there is pleasure and pain in each option that we are considering.

For example, in our lives, we can choose to plan for the future. The pleasure gained is the improved likelihood of a financially secure life in our later years, and the pain is not doing every single thing on our bucket list straight away. Or, we can choose to do everything and anything and not plan for our future. Although this may seem carefree we could possibly feel the pain later in life with reduced access to finances. 

Of course, we can live in between, the best of both worlds. It is wonderful having hindsight. When we are young many of us don’t consciously think of these choices and are not aware of the when and what are the pleasures and pains of each option because we are the way we are. 

Another more obvious example is wanting to lose weight – say, to fit into those “fave” jeans. Should I have that piece of delicious carrot cake now or should I not? The choice of indulging – the pleasure is enjoying the carrot cake, and the pain is possibly not or delaying being able to fit into those jeans. The choice of not indulging – the pleasure is being able to fit into those jeans, and the obvious pain is not enjoying that cake – – – now! Which to choose? Which is the greater pain, and which is the greater pleasure. For me, eating the cake NOW usually wins!

Whenever we have a choice to make in business there is always pleasure and pain in each option. If you’re not sure what to choose, consider the resulting pleasure and when it will occur versus the the pain and when this will occur. This process will greatly assist you in deciding which option is for you.

A Business Example

An example in business that I come across commonly, is documenting business systems – whether to do this now or leave it till later. It takes a huge effort from all resources in your business to sit down and document, test, implement, and continuously update business systems and processes. 

Let’s look at the pleasure and pain of whether to document business systems, or not. 

To NOT document business systems

The pleasure is getting on with the job and being productive right now.

The pain is down the line (in the not to distant future) when the quality of your products or services are not up to scratch, or a member of your team leaves and walks out with the “What” and “How” of what they do. The pain is loss of quality, productivity, possibly loss of clients, increased effort in training new staff – to name just a few.

To document business systems NOW

The pleasure is the quality of your product or service is maintained and improved, your business will handle growth, when people leave your productivity and quality are not impacted as a new person can take over from where the other left off due to documented business systems.

The pain is the effort to fit documenting business systems now while everyone still performing their duties without impacting the business. 

When you look at the pleasure and pain of a choice you need to make, ask yourself the question – where and when is the pleasure and pain in this?

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