My business keeps me busy during the week, and on weekends I work with my partner in his business at sporting events. We travel anywhere from Port Douglas down to Sydney, into the Gulf and outback Queensland. I like it as every day my day is different. I connect with different people all the time doing different things.  We rarely have a weekend without events.

Last weekend was an exception – no events – and we had no work to do. In this different situation, I found myself “lost”! To do nothing was not even on my radar. I realised that I found myself feeling uncomfortable with nothing to do. Interesting! How to feel comfortable doing nothing! How to just sit and really look and see the sky and listen to all the different bird songs?

By the end of the weekend, I got it! It is nothing new, and most of you reading this would be aware when you clear your mind, a lot of great thoughts and ideas bubble up. But how often do we allow ourselves to do this?

So, my takeaway was that it is important to realise the power of stillness, to step away from all the daily noise and clear the mind. You may be surprised what ideas appear, what solutions to problems pop into your consciousness, and how much more productive you are going forward. Take some time out of your routine to do this regularly!

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