Do you know what is the most important to your customers, when they are choosing to buy your type of product or service?

What criteria do they use to make a decision?
What are their pain points and any road blocks they may have in choosing your business?
Does the type of service influence them?
Do they resonate with your particular Product?
Is it your Location?
Is it your Price (or hopefully your value for money)?
Is it your Image or ambience or culture?
Is it the social proof they find to recommend you?

Here is an interesting conversation I had with a colleague recently relating to coffee and cafes. A lovely, small café in her area serves great tea and good hot coffee, provides great service, and tempts customers with delicious, small nibbles cooked by them on the premises. This café is also the cheapest in that area.

Alternatively, the café around the corner, provides a service as expected, the price is mid to higher for the area, and the tea and coffee are average compared to how he likes his order.

Where do you think my colleague prefers mostly to purchase her coffee to sit and enjoy (not as take away)?

The café around the corner! And why does she mostly choose to sit and enjoy his coffee at this café? It was the location that was the most important for my colleague, as she could sit and watch things happening around him along the street in her purview. For my colleague, the location beats price, beats quality, and beats service.

Now this is someone wanting to sit and enjoy their coffee. This is a different customer type than someone popping in for a takeaway. The importance would most likely change for this customer type as price and efficiency may be a greater importance.

So, back to our original question – Are you really clear about what is important, the most important point of difference for your different types of customers? Remembering that not all customers are alike.

An interesting exercise would be to review your customer types and find out what is THE most important aspect that impacts their buying choice.

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