For small business owners, now is a great time to ask the question, “Where are my customers coming from?” and, have a look back over the past year and see how new customers found your business.

An even more important question is, “Where are referrals NOT coming from, as compared with the previous year?”

  • Do I need to re-establish business relationships?
  • Do I need to change the way I am communicating my business?

This is also a great time to thank the sources of our new customers. Of course this can only be done if we have been capturing where our customers are coming from – capturing the Source of Referral.

If you are not doing this, now is the time to start. Using an electronic accounting system, you can easily add this field to the client details in the accounting system database. It is then a matter of simply generating a report that will display this information for you. You can capture this information manually – although collating the data may be a little time consuming. Either way, the information you derive will be incredibly valuable to your business.

Seeing where our clients are coming from tells us a lot about where we are visible in the community and assists greatly with our marketing strategies. We can determine our marketing budgets based on real information.

Need assistance with any of these tasks? We are MYOB and Xero specialists, and can do this either for you or provide you with training, whether in a face-to-face class room training, 1-1 at your premises, or online/remote training.

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