Why attend a face to face training course these days instead of an online learning environment? Why indeed!

Here are just a few factors to consider as advantages in attending a face to face training course rather than an online training environment:

  • A trainer experienced in the topic – that is, not just experienced in training in the topic, but with real world experience in the topic, will be able to pass on any “pitfalls” to be aware of and provide ways to resolve
  • Questions can be addressed immediately with the trainer
  • Questions from attendees will generally assist other attendees present – meaning the attendees will learn something they didn’t know what they didn’t know!
  • The trainer can provide best practice methods, not only the “how-to use” of the function being taught, this may include tips, tricks and shortcuts to streamline use
  • Attendees can get to know each other and opens avenues for networking
  • Usually training is completed on a training platform. This allows attendees to practice and redo learning – this is generally available in both a class situation and online learning. However, in a class environment, attendees, time permitting, may be able to have real life questions addressed by the trainer – this is not available in an online learning environment
  • Completely uninterrupted learning environment – time is set aside purely for the training, no multi-tasking or distractions
  • If you physically attend the course, the chances are that you will complete the course. Online learning courses generally offer several months to complete what can be achieved in a single day. How many of us do not end up completing an online course that we have also paid for? Unfortunately this happens all too often.
  • Generally, includes a hard copy training manual that is used throughout the course, and notes can be made as the trainer highlights important “things to know”. Excellent source to refer to after the course is completed.
  • With time permitting, the trainer may be able to address out of scope questions in relation to the training topic.
  • Receive, by hand, a hard copy Certificate of Completion! That is a great feeling!

In a previous blog, “Computer skills – DIY or Learn with an Expert?”, I discussed when online do-it-yourself training is a great way to learn a topic, and there are applications where online would be the better learning scenario. However, for a structured, foundation level course, I believe you can’t beat face to face learning.

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